Moez Hassan

Coventry University

My decision of going abroad for studying was made last minute for the September session. A lot of people told me that it would be simpler and easier if I were to join the January session, vFocus Education Advisors was the one consultancy firm that understood my preferences in and worked with me to achieve my objective.

One of the Hardest parts of the process is choosing the institute that suits you and best for you, Safi khan (CEO vFocus) helped me figure out that Coventry University in the UK was best for me and now that I am here in Coventry, I know that we made the right choice.

Safi was available 24/7 to clear any doubts or queries that I had. He made sure and double checked all the documents and left no room for error, he briefed me about everything there is to know about the visa process which made me gain confidence and going through the visa offices was a breeze and I got my visa with in 3 working days.